The Team makes Mac its new Fortress!

I’m sure by now that all of the Mac fanboys and fangirls are a bit “Steamy” since Valve released the Steam platform on this fruitful OS. And while we’ve seen some pretty awesome games sent to us so far (Portal, Half-Life, Torchlight, & more), we’ve yet to see a real big hitter in the multi-player genre on the Mac platform.

Yesterday Valve released a not-so-cryptic post informing us that big things are coming. No, I really mean that. They said BIG things — in caps. They’ve also teased us with this image and a short coded message:

“Big things are happening RIGHT NOW at Valve. Things involving cultivated tree-fruit. BIG things. Things that rhyme with “grapple.” Things that rhyme with “Speem Gortress zmavailable on the Babac.”

Exciting news on the Team Fortress front, unless they’re releasing a new game call ‘Speem Gortress’ which would probably just be awful.

As of 11:30AM EST, there is no sign of TF2 on Steam, and the title [on the Steam platform] still says, “Team Fortess 2 (Mac coming soon).” It would be totally out of line for Valve to release this title on time, let alone early. I would be offended if they broke protocol.

But to all of you TF2 nuts who’ve been waiting years to play this, or just to play again, today is your day! And remember, don’t touch the Heavy’s sandvich! Game on!

News via Team Fortress

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