Study Finds Majority Of Americans Won’t Switch To Microsoft Surface Tablet

Although not the most scientific survey, a coupon code website in the U.S., CouponCodes4u, conducted a flash-poll survey following Monday’s announcement that Microsoft will be releasing its own tablet. The survey was designed to uncover how Americans actually feel about Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

The poll consisted of 1,578 Americans between the ages of 21-35. Respondents were first asked whether or not they already own a tablet — 58 percent said yes. Of those 58 percent, 55 percent said they own an iPad, 23 percent own an Android, and 12 percent own a Blackberry Playbook.

Of this 58 percent who already own a tablet, more than half (59 percent) said they would not switch to the new Microsoft tablet. Forty-one percent said they would not switch because of brand loyalty and 15 percent said they would not switch because they do not yet have enough information or positive reviews on the Microsoft Surface.

The respondents who answered that they did not own any tablet were then asked what kind of tablet they would purchase if they were to buy one. Forty-one percent said iPad, 28 percent said Android, and 5 percent said Blackberry Playbook.

When asked if they would purchase a Microsoft Surface Tablet, 22 percent said yes. Twenty-six percent said they thought Microsoft is too late to start producing tablet devices and 45 percent said they like the initial look of the Microsoft tablet with the potential attached kickstand and keyboard cover.

Well, if this survey is anything to go by, Microsoft may have its work cut out for them. A lot of those people who already own a tablet device don’t seem interested in switching and only a lower number of people expressed interest in owning the new Microsoft Surface.

Source: MacTech via BGR
Image Credit: Digital Trends

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