Steve Jobs wanted to meet Diane Keaton. And he did.

Ever heard the term “The One That Got Away”? Well, just imagine that your One That Got Away was the CEO of the biggest company in America, and you’ll know how Diane Keaton feels about letting Steve Jobs slip through her fingers.

To be honest, Keaton’s recount of her connection with Steve Jobs is actually much less torrid than we make it sound: This past Tuesday on the Ellen Degeneres show, she discussed that she (like libidinous hippie, Joan Baez) was the object of Steve’s interests, if only for the moment. While discussing her many, many lovers (O RLY?), she tells Ellen…

I really didn’t go out with him… no, I did not kiss him, but here’s what happened: I lived at the San Remo in New York City, and it was a building with two towers. And Steve Jobs had just bought the top three floors of the north tower. So this was after Annie Hall and he was interested in meeting me. Granted, he was younger than me. He’d be about 8 years younger than me or something like this, but he wanted to meet me. So I go over to his tower and it’s like amazing…. and he says, he starts talking, but all he’s talking about is this thing. The computer thing, you know? How the computer was gonna take over the world. I’m sitting there going ‘Okay, right’. And he’s talking about how everybody was going to have a computer for their world and their life and their homes and I’m going ‘Yeah, right right.’ And I never saw him again, ever. Because, obviously, I just wasn’t prepared for that for even a second. I thought “Is he nuts?” And of course this book was written on one of his computers. Do you believe that? But he was talking… it’s so weird. It’s so… absolutely… what an idiot I was. Can you imagine?

You young guys who don’t watch any movie that pre-dates the Fast and Furious franchise may not realize that Keaton was very much the “it” girl of Hollywood for many years and was romantically connected to many of its hottest leading men. She’s recently been in movies portraying aging romantic pursuits, such as “Something’s Got to Give”, but is also well-known for her roles in the Godfather and Annie Hall.

Source: International Business Times

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