No South Park iPhone App, but we’ve got your back.

A post on the South Park Studios Blog post revealed that a South Park iPhone app had been rejected by Apple. This is disappointing in many ways, mostly because we can’t bring Clyde Frog with us wherever we go, but also…well, it’s mostly about watching South Park and playing their Flash games.

Apple’s reason for rejecting the app was that the content was ‘potentially offensive.’ As with many app store rejections however, this seems to be more protectionist policy in the approval process. The South Park creators are well known for having gotten fed up with fans resorting to potentially illegal means to get access to their shows and decided to post them all online for free. Apple sells all the South Park episodes through their online store. This isn’t a business practice or policy that one can really take offense to, as I’m sure that any of us would act the same if it came to our sources of income, but it’s very frustrating for consumers.

So, without further ado I will provide you some ways to enjoy free South Park on demand, wherever you are.

First off, in regards to the iPhone there is South Park Mobile which features an iPhone customized interface and pretty snappy download speeds. They also have a sister site that is Family Guy Mobile which even has Blue Harvest.

Second, if you’re at your desk or laptop there is the South Park Studio’s site, and for Canadian readers there is the Comedy Network website.

Third, there are several indexing sites that collect or post links themselves. One dedicated to South Park is and Surf the Channel has a good selection of many T.V Shows and Movies.

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