Sony unveils ‘teh’ sexy iPod speaker station.

Rule number one for me, gadgets must be sexy. If they aren’t something I’d consider to be super sexy, I probably won’t buy them. Don’t pretend you’re not the same way, and more importantly, don’t pretend I’m strange. You know what I mean–you buy Apple products–you’re exactly the same way. If we weren’t like that we’d probably still have cellphones that needed a backpack battery to run.

Sony unleashed a super hot looking iPod speaker station today.

It comes with satellite speakers, AM/FM radio (eww), and according to Engadget it should be about $400 when it’s released in September. The coolest part of this whole product is that you can buy additional speakers for just over $100. Multiple room coverage anyone?

Sounds like the perfect device. But, what would make it the coolest device? Maybe switching the AM/FM for streaming. That would be super awesomely cool if you ask me; however, if the dock lets all applications stream audio we might already have that covered with the iPhone and Touch.

Time will tell I guess.

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