Beautifully Charge All Of Your iOS Devices With The Sanctuary4

Between tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and media players, chances are you own more than one USB powered device. With this comes the need to charge all of them every night, but in doing so you can seriously clutter your nightstand with tons of different cables and power blocks. That is, unless you use a charging station like the Sanctuary4.

The Sanctuary4 is a new charging station produced by the folks at Bluelounge. This device has four USB ports that can charge any USB powered device. On top of this, two of the Sanctuary4’s outlets output 4 amps of charge, allowing for speedy charging of tablets and other high powered devices.

Additionally, the Sanctuary4 is very well designed with a curved plastic base that can house two smartphones. On the rear of the base is a built-in tablet stand that holds your iPad at an angle perfect for use with alarm clock apps. All of the device’s USB ports are housed under this base, giving off a clean look with spotless cable routing.

Purchase your Sanctuary4 for $118 here.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.