Rumor: First Look At An Apple A6 System-On-A-Chip


There have been a massive amount of reportedly leaked parts of the next iPhone. From screens to cables, we are constantly under a wave of supposed parts. Well, today is no different. 9to5Mac is reporting that they have an actual photo of the innards of the next iPhone. That’s right — we’re supposedly looking at a real A6 system-on-a-chip on the logic board of the next iPhone.


Blurry, stripy, and very dark, this photo doesn’t really tell us much. It has a number six on it instead of a 5 or a 5x. At least the pictures of the body and screen of the device would tell us something about how it will appear. Even if this photo is 100% legit, and we have no idea if it is, it gives us nigh-on zero useful information. What is an A6? Nobody knows. We know that 6 is more than 5, and I guess that is something, but I won’t be spending much time drooling over an increase in digits without any hard information about what that means.

Until Apple releases some sort of information, we’re in for new reports of leaks just about every single day. Hold onto your butts, everyone. This is going to get very ugly over the next couple of weeks.

Source: 9to5Mac

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