News Roundup 6/23: Eddie Cue Caves, Tim Cook Speaks

Apple seems to be keeping enough details coming out about their upcoming products, the usual rumor neepery hasn’t even started to simmer. It’s only June; but every month that passes without the fantasy phtoshop derby, we all win.

Apple Takes A Day To Give In To Taylor

Maybe Tim Cook and Eddie Cue were afraid of being the subject of one of her signature breakup songs, but Apple’s already caved to Taylor Swift’s demands that they pay royalties during the Apple Music trail period. Dan Moren at *Six Colors* points out that despite many people’s insistance that this whole event was a publicity stunt for the new service, Apple is wise not to alienate popular artists they depend on for the service to become popular.

The details of what is will be paid per stream are still behind closed doors, we’ll have to wait until the next industry objection comes forth. It will be interesting to see if the music industry spends all their time nitpicking Apple’s streaming approach that they prevent the service from making a dent in Spotify’s dominance.

Tim Cook Says Take It Down

Tim Cook is much more of an activist CEO than Steve Jobs ever was, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind bluntly and in public. His latest stand is to join the chorus of voices calling for South Carolina to take down the Confederate Battle Flag from the state capitol. You can read the details of his statement over at Mac Observer.

More Tim Talk

Tim isn’t just more active than his predecessor, he’s also more willing to have an open conversation about what influences Apple as a company. In an interview with Bloomberg, he spoke out about China’s influence on Apple’s products. In what is a secret to nobody, he details the gold color options for Apple’s hardware is a response to China’s love for the hue. There’s also details on Apple’s efforts to support technology in education for Chinese schools.

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