The Roost Makes Working From Your Laptop A Bit Better On Your Back

Face it: Hunching down to work on your MacBook isn’t healthy. It’s bad for your back, and encourages you to sit and work versus standing. However, if you want to kick this bad habit and get rid of some back pain at the same time, the Roost stand might be just what your MacBook needs.

The Roost is an upright desktop stand for your MacBook that is meant for use in conjunction with a separate keyboard and mouse. This combination makes working while standing or sitting more comfortable and ergonomic.


As far as the Roost’s construction goes, this thing is pretty incredible. The stand is made out of a combination of carbon fiber and super-flexible Delrin plastic with aluminum fasteners to keep it all together. These two materials make the stand super light and durable, so throwing it in your backpack won’t break the back you’re working so hard to keep healthy.


The Roost holds your Mac in place using two tabs that slie between the screen and the laptop’s body when the screen is open. By comparison, most stands that rely on either rubber feet or a small lip at the bottom of the stand to hold your MacBook in-place. This novel approach keeps your Mac firmly in place. The Roost’s creators demonstrated this to us by tilting the stand at an angle—and sure enough, the MacBook didn’t budge.

You can purchase The Roost from the manufacturer’s for $75 or $80, depending on the colorway you choose.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.