Zen Brush 2: Incense and New Age Music Not Included


Zen Brush 2 is not a traditional drawing app. Something that my have garnered some negative reviews on the App Store. It is meant to replicate the Japanese ink brush style, Sumi. It allows you to adjust brush size as well as the wetness of the ink. You get two colors, which change based on the paper that you choose.

There is some attempt at pressure sensitivity. This would likely be enhanced by stylus pairing. However, when I tried to pair the Jot the app crashed. This was mentioned by a few of the App Store reviews. Hopefully there is a patch forthcoming. It’s the biggest drawback in an otherwise well done app.

What’s Good: Great simulation of the brush drawing, lots of paper and brush size options.

What Sucks: Stylus pairing crashes app.

Buy It?: If you’re looking for an app for Sumi on the iPad, but don’t mind limited stylus support, check out Zen Brush 2. Download it from the App Store for $2.99

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