Hopiko Plays Like A Lost Arcade Classic


Hopiko is a fun little game. You play one of the creatures inside a NES that make games work, but you’re attacked by a virus. You’ll need to rescue your friends by flinging yourself around the console bashing the virus to free your friends. This is a pure twitch action game, you press and quickly aim to move platform to platform. It took me a lot of frustration to break myself of the habit of trying to aim carefully. Instead, you’ll need to fling yourself quickly, with only a vague direction. This game rewards reflexes over planning.

That isn’t a bad thing, it lends a bit of tension that makes a quick run through a level rewarding. You can easily get through a whole stage in a minute or so. The stylized graphics are cool retro pixel art, but have their own unique look. Your character looks like a top with limbs, spinning as you fly through stages. The enemies have a cool retro style as well. The game evokes the classic arcade look without aping anything in particular. The soundtrack is all oringal chiptune songs— I’m totally grabbing that off Bandcamp. I really like these sort of meta games that embrace retro games but add their own feel. Though this might be the closest to the difficulty of an actual arcade classic I’ve seen in a modern game.

What’s Good?: Fun game with it’s own look and feel.

What Sucks?: Twitch games don’t appeal to everyone.

Buy It?: If you like quick little arcade titles, and don’t mind a bit of frustration, check out Hopiko. Grab it on the [App Store for $3.99.](https://appsto.re/us/Y6g05.i

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