Chart Your Apple Addition With Mactracker


I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mactracker on iOS. I thought it was cool as a little quick reference guide, but it didn’t have much of a reason to exist unless you were really into scavenging for old Macs. The Mac version caught my eye, because you could use it to keep track of all of your Apple hardware and serial numbers. If you add your serial number, you can use the app for a one click access to your service options.

Whatever your reason for wanting to know every fact about everything Apple has made, including their start up chimes, Mac Tracker an app that will help you out. I originally downloaded this to find out white kind of switches were on an old Mac keyboard I saw on this really cool video. 

WG: Excellent way to track your Mac/Apple collection and warranty status.

WS: Unless you want to use the tracking, basically an encyclopedia you could grab on the web.

BI?: If you’re looking for a neat way to track your Mac habit, check out Mactracker. Get it on the App Store for Free.

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