Alto’s Adventure Brings Endless Snowboarding To Your TV


It’s surprising how many apps I already own on the launch of the App Store for Apple TV. One of the first things I downloaded was Alto’s Adventure. This was already one of my favorite games on my iPad. I feel that this is a great test of the Apple TV as a gaming device, since I am already so familiar with the game.

I didn’t buy a game controller for the Apple TV, so all my game play was with the remote. Granted, Alto’s Adventure retains the single button control of the touch version. As you snowboard down the side of the mountain, you press down the main button of the remote to jump. As with the iPhone/iPad version, this is all you need to string together tricks and rack up your high score.

The thing that I’ve always liked about Alto’s Adventure is that I can power out a game in a few minutes and manage to clear some goals. While I can still do that on the Apple TV, it isn’t exactly the experience that I’m going for when sitting on the couch. This game is great, but I am not sure how well this experience translates to the console experience. (Yes, the Apple TV is a console. It may be a console with different goals, but it’s a console nonetheless.)

If you haven’t previously played Alto’s Adventure, grab it now. This is still a strong contender for game of the year for the iPad. I still play this game all the time, and the TV app helps keep the flame alive. Since you get it as a bonus, it’s a nice little time killer right on your TV. Your progress syncs with the iPhone/iPad games as long as you sign into Game Center, so there isn’t a lot to lose for taking this for a spin.

What’s Good: One of the easiest games to pick up and play, you don’t even have to change how you hold the remote.

What Sucks: Quick successive sessions work well on phones and tablets, but feels a bit shallow on the TV.

Buy It: If you’re looking for a super casual experience to try gaming on your Apple TV, check out Alto’s Adventure. Get it along with the iPad/iPhone version for $2.99 on the App Store.

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