Review of the Incase Travel Kit Plus for iPad

When I picked up my iPad I didn’t initially purchase a case from the Apple store, mostly because they didn’t have a very large selection.  They only had two round cases and neither of them would be very worthwhile if I wanted to bring my iPad with me anywhere.  So I set off to find a case that would be able to handle all of the accessories and still be portable enough to take anywhere.  I managed to find one, the Incase Travel Kit Plus for iPad.

The Perks

The Incase Travel Kit plus has just about everything that somebody could want out of an iPad case. There is a nice padded sleeve to store your iPad. This will definitely protect your iPad quite nicely. The only downside to this section of the case is that it’s very form fitting, so there is no way that you’ll be able to add a slightly protective case to protect your iPad while it’s outside of the sleeve.  This isn’t necessarily the end of the world; however, it is  something to keep in mind.

The case even includes a stand that allows you to have your iPod stand almost vertically or at at an angle that’s perfect for watching movies or even just using it to type using a bluetooth keyboard.  This is one way of allowing you to protect your iPad.  The stand allows you to orient your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode and it keeps the iPad off the desk less than an inch.  Therefore, if you spill something it won’t hit your iPad.

The case also includes a slew of pockets.  There is one for a bluetooth keyboard the size of Apple’s to fit snugly.  There are also two zippered pockets that allow for storage of any items that you desire.  I keep my stand and my iPad charger in the pockets.

A Little Overkill, and a Couple Oversights

There is also some cable management features, however I’m not entirely sure how useful these are since there are so many pockets that you can store items in, it almost seems redundant and not a necessity.

There are some problems with the Incase Travel Kit Plus.  The first, as mentioned earlier, is the tight fit of the pocket for the iPad itself.  While it will be protected, it is not necessarily the best if you want to put a silicone case around the iPad and then put it into the pocket.

The second problem is the keyboard pocket. It does fit the Apple bluetooth keyboard nicely, but there is no protection against items hitting the keys, and if it’s paired with an iPad, you could be face with some problems if your device turns on.  Now this may not

A possible remedy would be to a have a little optional cover that would slip over the keyboard and not allow the keys to be pressed while it’s in the case.

Overall, the case is not a bad choice.  Particularly if you want to make sure that all of your accessories are included with your iPad when you take it somewhere.  The price of the case is not cheap, it’s $59.95.  I’d recommend going through the Apple store since the Amazon reseller’s to think it’s appropriate to mark up the case by 40%.

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