Remember The Milk on iOS 4

Remember The Milk LogoRemember The Milk is a task managing service, which has been around for a number or years. A couple of weeks ago they released an iOS 4 compatible version of their iPhone App with a couple of new features and improvements.

Remember The Milk Screenshot 1
The most prominent feature is multitasking support. You can now switch to Remember The Milk without having to wait until the App boots. The feature works very well and makes the app easier and faster to use. It’s one of the areas where multitasking on iOS 4 really improves function.

Another great addition is synchronizing your tasks in background. Before iOS 4 you had to wait until they fully synchronized before closing the app, otherwise your tasks were stored in the app, but not on Remember The Milk’s servers. This would lead to situations where you didn’t get a Push Notification when your task was due. Those days are over, since you can now close the App after adding or editing tasks and they’ll be magically synchronized with Remember The Milk, notifying you accordingly.

If your device is running iOS 4, you should give Remember The Milk a try. The free version has a couple of limitations, which are lifted after signing up for a Pro account.

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