I’m not a big refurb guy. One time I bought a refurbished monitor and faced nothing but painful headaches as I spent most of my time trying to differentiate between an ” i ” and a ” ; “. So since then, I vowed to never do it again for the sake of my sanity, but mostly, for the sake of my knuckles. There’s only so many times you can punch a monitor in a fit of rage before it decides to plot evil revenge. There’s nothing worse than getting a serious shock from the on/off button. I still cringe everytime I lean over to turn off my cinema display. I still smell the burnt skin. *shudder*

But that being said, my iBook has recently decided to die its final death on me, so some of those refurb macbook pros look mighty enticing at this point in time. I’m saving for a new car, so every single dollar saved helps at this point. 3 looks like a super cool idea. It’s a nice little widget that keeps track of Apple’s refurb stock and sends you growl notifications. Pretty damn sweet if you ask me. For myself, I’ll probably buy a new macbook pro, but I could go the refurb route for a new Apple monitor. Those are some sexy pieces of metal.

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