Really Weird Apple Video Surfaces

I’ve spent a lot of my adult life defending Apple against haters, but an internal team-building video that features some serious weirdness won’t get anything from me other than this. Recently uncovered by Network World, the video shows Steve Jobs portraying Franklin Delano Roosevelt and calling up some sort of military commander to give him a quick pep talk to bolster his spirits in the upcoming war… a war which must be won against IBM. The Ed Wood-esque propaganda film was intended to embolden Apple employees in their hatred against the Big Blue Menace; it comes across like more of a sepia fever dream.

In the early days of Apple’s epic tale, it wasn’t Google or Microsoft that were the biggest threat… but IBM. They were Jobs’ white whale, as he sneered and scoffed at their buttoned-down, uptight corporate culture and bulky machines that were unsuitable for the home. It’s obvious from the video that Jobs wanted employees to share his hatred and to rally against Big Blue with their very souls. Hence… this piece of crap.

I will admit that I’m a big fan of the IBM zombie scenes.

Source: My nightmares
Via: Network World

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