ProTouch, Protection for your Keyboard

It’s no secret that I am an advocate for protecting your gadgets. This is true for iPods, iPhones and even your Macbooks, Macbook Pro, and Macbook air. iSkin covers pretty much all those areas. But you have heard me preach about iPods and iPhones before. This time I want to talk about protecting your Macbook(Pro, air) with a product from iSkin called the ProTouch.

iSkin ProTouch covers your keyboard to protect it from spills, dust, oily finger prints, crumbs and more. The ProTouch is made of a high quality silicone. It goes on easy and stays put, which is really nice. It does take some getting used to. It comes in a few different styles as well, though they are basically the same with added features. ProTouch Classic offers just your basic protection on your keys. It is clear, so you can see every thing on your keyboard clearly. The ProTouch FX, the model I have, comes in 3 colors. While the basic cover is translucent, the keys come in black, red and blue. If you have a backlit keyboard you can see the light through the skin. The skin itself also glows in the dark, perfect for when you don’t want to waste your batter in the dark on backlit keys. The ProTouch Vibe offers the exact same benefits as the FX, only it is geared more towards the fashionable user. Vibes offers a few different colors and patters on the skin.

After using the ProTouch from iSkin for about a month, I can say that I can’t live without it. It does have a drawback though. Because it is made of silicone it does get dirty and dusty. However you can wash it and make it nice again. This is something that I will be getting for my macbook and since they make them for the apple wireless keyboard, I will be getting one for it as well. Prices range from $24.99 – $34.99. Head on over to iSkin’s website and pick one up today.

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