Power.ME HD: A review

Power.ME Pro is an incredible app for increasing and managing your productivity. I quite enjoyed my time with the app and found it to be one of the most incredible tools in my work week. From managing projects I’m on, down to the littlest to-do I have assigned to me, Power.ME really delivered.

What You Can Expect

What you can expect is a fully functioning assistant right in the palm of your hand. You can categorize, manage, create, and edit your projects, tasks, and other to-dos right in this app. Imagine yourself on a big project for your company. You know you’re going to get lost in your work, or maybe you’ll have to run out for a few things to complete the job. With this app, you can take the workplace with you wherever you go.

The Best Thing About the App

The best thing about this app is that you can collaborate with your team. Easily a highly productive feature that allows you to upload documents from your phone or computer in order to transfer them to a colleague, much like Dropbox does. By collaborating with some of your team on a project right from your mobile device, you can explode your productivity anywhere you are! Quite amazing if you ask me.

Looking to the Future

The people at AppTime have got this app pretty solid. Looking forward to the future of this app, I can suggest some graphic updates. While the app is mildly pleasing, it’s not exactly the greatest thing in the world. I’ve shown the app around and received the same thoughts. By no means does this app jump right out of 1998, but with some touching up, we’d all be happy in the long run.

The Gist of It

So, for quite a bang for your hefty buck, you’ll pay $29.99 for this application. It works on iPod touch, iPhone, and of course the iPad. There’s also an iPhone only version of the app for $19.99. Don’t let anybody tell you that the iPad is best suited for this app. While surely it would be an advantage to having the bigger screen, I got along more than perfectly on an iPod. For the $30 (one-time) price, you get quite the package. Power.me’s actual power and usefulness will surpass that $30 price tag before you know it. The convenience and mobility of your workspace will help increase your productivity and workflow. So for someone who works as a project manager or maybe somebody who works in a job with multitudes of tasks or projects.. this is exactly what you need to keep yourself managed and working smoothly throughout each and every day, no matter where you are.

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