No 7200 RPM Love for the Macbook

I love both my iMac and my, now as most of my stuff seems to be, limited edition Black Macbook. I would love to upgrade to a new macbook but I do not really have a compelling need to do so. However, my girlfriend wants a second laptop, since she can’t live without her computer and her HP is starting to fail. I’ve pretty much convinced her to get a Mac. But while searching for prices and customizing a MacBook and MacBook Pro, I ran across something I don’t quite understand.

Macbook Hard Drive Options

Macbook Pro Hard Drive Options

Why isn’t Apple offering the 7200RPM Hard drives in the Macbooks? What if I want to have a faster access hard drive? Shouldn’t I be able to purchase which hard drive I want. But alas, supposedly Apple knows better.

I do concede that having a 7200RPM hard drive will drain more battery power than a 5400RPM Hard drive, but if I’m made aware of that at purchase time, it should be my decision.

It looks like Apple doesn’t want my business when it comes to buying a hard drive. Looks like I’ll go and buy a good (read Seagate) hard drive with a 5 year warranty.

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