News Roundup: More Security News, Apple Rumor Slayer, Apple Music Charts


More Mac Malware News

Man, I was right about Defcon/Blackhat being a treasure trove of news, and it usually isn’t good. The latest is another iteration of the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE privilege escalation problem. iMore has the rundown of how you should handle this vulnerability, including that this has already been patched in beta version os OS X.

Apple Kills A Rumor

You know that a rumor gets out of hand when Apple kills it swiftly. Yesterday the rumor sites were abuzz with the idea that Apple was leasing network space to become their own carrier. Apple came out and squashed that quickly, as reported on The Verge. I assume Apple didn’t need anymore trouble from the anti-trust guys, but still its rare when they come out and stomp on a rumor like this.

Apple Music Partners With BillBoard

Apple Music’s slow domination of all thing pop continues. After snagging the VMA nominations, Apple is now a streaming partner of Billboard Magazine. Meaning all the top charts should now include the number of streams on Apple music. iMore has the story, which includes some shots of Apple Music’s new advertising campaign.


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