News Roundup 06/11: More Post-WWDC Details

Things are starting to get a bit busier as more details come out about iOS 9 and El Capitan. There’s a few surprises today, including a security warning for iOS that you shouldn’t skip.

iOS Bug Spoofs iCloud Login

Mobile malware has been a reality for a while, but this might be the first one that is fairly credible on iOS. Ars Techinca reports that a security researcher has found a way to use HTML and CSS to spoof the iCloud login. They advise if you’re worried about a fake iCloud log in, hit the Home button. If this is a legitimate log in, you won’t be able to do anything until you enter your password or hit cancel.

Sign Up For The Next Apple Betas

Apple is continuing its public beta versions for iOS and OS X. Presumably this will work the same as it did last year, though I only participated in the Yosemite beta. This means that you’ll get your update next month, along with Feedback Assistant. The latter is used to send your issues to Apple. So if you’re interested in getting your hands on El Capitan or iOS 9 before the plebs, sign over at Apple’s site.

The Inside Of The Award Is Glowing White

Apple has announced their latest round of design awards. There’s a pretty good mix of games and apps won. Some of the highlights are Crossy Road and Fantastical 2. What surprised me was iOS automation app, Workflow. It seems that Apple is keen to embrace apps that cater to power users on iOS. See the full list of winners here.

Safari For iOS 9 Allows Content Blockers

Content blocking is presumably a feature created for enterprise admins and parents to control what web content is available in Safari. This is a new class of extension available in iOS 9, though most people are just wringing their hands about ad blockers. There is an template in Xcode that makes it easy to create these blockers as well, App Advice has the details.

Apple Asks For HTTPS For All Apps

In a new post for developers, Apple has asked that all new apps use HTTPS exclusively. Even asking current HTTP apps to update to HTTPS as soon as possible. There will be some exceptions granted to HTTP apps, but it does seem like they are moving to require HTTPS on all Apps. Motherboard has a rundown of interviews with developers and security experts about the change.

The Jimmy and Eddie Show

Apple Music is going to need a lot of press before it’s launch at the end of the month. It seems to have fallen on Jimmy Iovine and Eddie Cue to take the pitch on the road. Check out their interview with Billboard Magazine here.

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