My iPhone worked flawlessly. Now, not so much!

Everyone’s trying to pinpoint just what’s going on with the iPhone 2.0 and all of its glitches. I used to balk at everyone, while thinking to myself “you’re doing it wrong.” Well, that didn’t last too long, and I have a whole new outlook on iPhone 3g issues. Sometime this week while running multiple errands, I thought I would kill sometime while waiting in line, and update my iphone applications. Who wouldn’t, right? 3G is super fast. The update went fine, and I was well on my way home from the passport office when my phone went absolutely batshit crazy. Don’t believe me? Check out the screenshot below. Icons were everywhere, installing still, buttons stuck.

So here’s a public service announcement for all of you iPhone users: DO NOT UPDATE REMOTELY. Wait until you’re connected to a reliable network. Rogers has been promotting themselves as the “Most Reliable Wireless Network” in Canada, but apparently they aren’t as reliable as their home internet service.

Looks like it’s time to restore my iPhone to factory settings.

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