Get money for your old Macs — from Apple

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For quite some time now Apple has had a recycling program in which you send in your old Apple product — be it a Mac, iPhone, or iPod — and they’ll recycle it. But that’s it. You didn’t get anything in return. Except perhaps feeling good that you helped save the world and all.

Now though, and this came as quite the surprise, Apple will actually give you some money in return. The money comes in the form of store credit, but that sure is perfect for most people. This latest development may not be the greatest thing for third party recyclers like Gazelle, but all in all this is a very good thing.

In the past, explaining Apple’s recycling program to people made no sense. They couldn’t understand why someone would send it to Apple when they could sell it, or use services like the aforementioned Gazelle. Now, however, not only will Apple give you something in return, but they’ll also accept PCs as well. Thus, their program opens up to all computers of all types, and as always, shipping is free, payed for by Apple.

While there is still no word on just how much money you’ll receive for your dying computer goods, something is always better than nothing.

Source: Apple Inc.
Via: TechCrunch

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