Mobile photo booth with PopBooth!

Photo booths have made quite a comeback in malls, at corporate events, and even at weddings. Now, the fondness of that small strip of pictures is available on your iPhone. PopBooth is one of those simplistic apps that goes the extra mile.

Overall, it lets you do two key things:

1. Take a series of photos.

2. Share your photo strip.

There isn’t much that stands in between these steps, which makes it a quick must-use app for me. Once I take my series of photos (four to be exact…and exactly in the style of a traditional photo booth), I get the choice of four filters before sharing. Then, I can share to Facebook, Twitter, by email, or order a physical photo strip. That’s right: order an actual photo strip. This free app has nailed freemium. Since the app is free, and awesome, I wouldn’t mind purchasing a strip if I ended up taking an awesome set of photos. We took some photos of the Select Start team to show a couple of the different filters you can use. So say hello to Terry, Greg, Lucas, Josh, Aaron, and Greg (aka Burke).


What’s Macgasmic

The app is very task-centric, and it handles its task well. It is simple, which makes it a beautiful app to use to snap a few pics of you and your friends. The UI is as simple as the functions, and the bright colours make it fun to use. Not to mention the icon is very easy to pick out on my home screen – definitely a bonus. The icing on the cake? This app is free to download!

What could be better…

The app is a little pushy in trying to make me sign up for Sincerely. It seemed to be a roadblock everywhere I went inside the app. I’d like to see integration with more social networks, like Tumblr, for example. I’d also like to see some more filter options. The black and white, vintage, and colour choices have bored me already. I want something new!

This managed to be a short review because the app is very simple — and that is not a bad thing. For being sleek, sexy, and free, PopBooth is a must download.

Jen Butson is the Marketing Director at Select Start Studios in Ottawa, Canada. We're a design and engineering team where creating beautiful mobile products is more than just our day job.