People complaining about yellow screen problems with the iPhone 4S

Like the iPhone 4 before it, some consumers have begun complaining about the iPhone 4S screen being yellowish, and “not as contrasty” as expected. Much like all other iOS devices before it, the iPhone 4S is likely suffering from the glue not quite being settled just yet.

An Apple Support Forum has popped up with several users wondering why their iPhone 4S screen seems to be a little yellow. Complaints range from “The black 4S has a VERY yellow tint to the screen- unlike any iPhone I have ever had, the white 4S has a very WHITE and normal screen” to “My 4S screen is less contrasty, and the whites are more yellow (beyond “warm”) compared to my iPhone 4 screen.”

My iPhone 4S looks fine, whites look white, and my “contrasty” tones look like I’d expect them to at this point; however, I never had an iPhone 4, so I’m not able to side-by-side compare the two phones.

This Is My Next, in their review of the iPhone 4S, stated:

One thing I did note, however, was how much less contrast-heavy the screen looks in comparison to the previous model. The iPhone 4S has a noticeably different color tone, and blacks seem far less dark. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; when comparing Dead Space (a pretty dark game) side-by-side, I found the iPhone 4S display more eye-pleasing. Still, the newer screen definitely has a slightly more green-tinted, washed-out look compared with the older device.

Clearly there seems to be two explanations. First, the glue behind the screen hasn’t had enough time to cure yet, and the yellow could disappear over time, just like it did with the iPhone 4. Second, Apple’s changed up some stuff with the screens which have resulted in a “washed-out look” like Joshua Topolsky from This Is My Next suggests in his iPhone 4S review.

Only time will tell what’s going on right now with the screen, but either way, I can’t complain too much. This screen looks fantastic to me, but I’m also coming from an iPhone 3G, so take that for what it’s worth at this point.

Image Credit: Yoshikazu Takada

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