WWDC Rumor: Magic Trackpad for desktops coming?

Yup, you’ve read the title of this post right. Apparently, Apple is preparing to sell a magical multi-touch trackpad for desktops. Essentially, it looks and sounds like a glorified Wacom tablet.

The Minority Report like user interface seems to be just around the corner if this device turns out to be legitimate, so we’re not sure if we should start making tinfoil hats, or bust out our credit card next. The desktop trackpad could have serious legs if Apple’s seriously planning on releasing one. Up until this point, I’ve been using a keyboard and mouse on my coffee table to control my media center Mac (Mac Mini), and it has been a giant pain in the rear.

If we add this rumour to the rumor that we may see an AppleTV iPhone OS based device today, it could be a sign that Apple is taking their second major step towards the living-room.

What do you think? True or Bunk?

Some Sneak Photos

Image via Engadget

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