Write Like A Champ With Writer Pro, Writer’s Successor

Information Architects Inc, the folks behind the popular writing application Writer, have just released Writer Pro. This down-to-earth and minimal writing app for Mac and iOS has been re-released and updated to add many requested and new features, like Syntax Control, which allows you to more easily edit your text and make it more exciting by changing repeated adverbs and other words.

However, the biggest addition to Writer Pro is the fact that the app is split up into three sections: Note, Write, and Edit. You start off in Note, where you can get your ideas down on paper without much formatting. The second stage, Write, is where you write out your idea in a first draft form. Both the Mac and iOS apps are super minimal, so you can blast out articles, essays, and stories with full concentration. Finally, the Edit stage allows you to add formatting and use the Syntax Control feature.

Like Writer, Writer Pro puts an extreme emphasis on a minimal UI. Writer Pro’s interface is extremely clean, with beautiful fonts, a disappearing sidebar, and quick and easy access to punctuation tools on iOS.

You can purchase Writer Pro for $19.99 right now for iPhone, iPad, and OS X.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.