The Woz would consider working at Apple again

It’s hard to leave behind something that you love, and both of Apple’s founders eventually found themselves leaving the confines of the company they founded, albeit for very different reasons.

As we all know, Steve Jobs made a triumphant return, but Wozniak has managed to stay away since his departure. A new quote in Reuters has Wozniak saying that he’d consider a return to the company if he was asked to play a more prominent role at the company.

Most companies would welcome the return of a folk-hero, but given that he followed up his quote by suggesting that Apple could be a little more open, we doubt there will be a triumphant return any time soon. We’re not saying Apple’s not open—we actually believe they are a lot more open then they’re given credit for—but we are saying that Woz’s definition of open probably won’t happen any time soon.

But, there’s no doubting Apple still runs through the veins of Wozniak. He remains a huge fan of Apple products, and even endorses them from time to time.

What do you think? Would a Wozniak return to Apple be something you’d like to see? What about investors?

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Article Via Reuters

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