Interesting Blackberry Windows Phone Concept Surfaces, Looks Great

We lovingly poke fun at RIM here from time to time, so please, take me seriously for a moment. These Blackberry Windows Phone concepts from Michal Bonikowski work quite well. The phone itself looks great, and I’m on record quite a bit saying that if I didn’t have an iPhone, I’d probably get a Windows Phone.

Would you buy a Windows Phone-based BlackBerry? I think I would, which shocks even me at this point. What would either of these companies have to do to get you to switch from the iPhone to either a BlackBerry or Windows Phone at this point? For me, it’s more likely that Apple would have to severely misstep with the next iPhone for me to trade in my iPhone 4S for a competing project.

I’m not quite there yet, but I have to say, as the years go by, I’m starting to get itchy fingers for a new phone. The iPhone is easily the phone I’ve held on to the longest. The second runner up was my Motorola Razr, and even that barely lasted me over a year and a half. For me, the Windows Phone operating system offers the freshest take on mobile computing, and I’m pretty intrigued by where Microsoft is taking the system.

How about you? Where would you head if you had to trade in your iPhone?

There’s a bunch more photos over at Ultralinx website, so we’re not going to steal their thunder. If you’re interested, you should go check them out.

Source: Ultralinx

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