WD throws new My Passport for Mac devices into the mix

Western Digital dropped new products today, and curiously, they are branded “For Mac”. The new members of the My Passport family, My Passport Studio and the aptly named My Passport for Mac, both come formatted for Mac and play nice with Time Machine out of the box.

The My Passport Studio features an all metal chasis with a scratch resistant coating and offers multiple means for connecting to your Mac, though USB 3.0 is not one of them.┬áThe My Passport for Mac only includes a USB 2.0 option and is void of the Studio’s Firewire 800 ports.

Both drives are available immediately and in a variety of capacities. The Studio model ranges from 500GB up to 1TB and has a starting price of $130 while the less expensive Passport for Mac tops out at 750GB, with its 500GB model priced at $100.

Source: Cnet

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