U.S. Movie Theater Has Siri Tell Its Audience To Turn Off Their Phones

Movie theaters often come up with clever ads to remind audiences they should turn their phones off before the movie begins. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain decided it was going to use everyone’s favorite assistant Siri to help create its own.

The cinema actually went as far as to recruit Siri’s real life voice actress Susan Bennett to play the voice of Siri herself. In the video, an iPhone user tries to send a text but is stopped by Siri when she detects that the user is in an Alamo Drafthouse movie theater. This exchange escalates to Siri bringing up the idea of using blackmail.

While it’s a pretty smart ad, I don’t understand why Siri has to talk so slowly. While Siri often gets a lot of things wrong, speaking at an enjoyable pace is one of her specialties.

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