Twitter Releases Its Own Music App Based On Spotify


spotify-twitter-musicYou guys remember how Twitter went and launched a music service? Yeah, we barely remembered too. On the heels of filing for a public IPO yesterday, the company also released its very own music application based on Spotify’s open initiative.

Twitter’s Music page lists all the music in your timeline that people are talking about so you can get recommendations from your friends, supposedly. Thing is, either I’m getting old, or the service is outright broken because there’s no way my friends would be rocking Alan Jackson, right?

According to (I don’t have a Spotfiy account, so can’t be persuaded to try it out. I’m an Rdio guy), Twitter’s Spotify service works exactly like you would expect it to:

Twitter’s Spotify app slices the music it sees #nowplaying on Twitter, as well as on other sources like blogs, into five chart pages using the same graphic-intensive grid format that helped make We Are Hunted so great to begin with: Superstars (“new music from the superstars”), Popular (“new music trending on Twitter”), Emerging (“the best new emerging music”), Unearthed (“hidden talent found in the tweets”), and Hunted (“popular music on blogs”).

If you’re into Spotify or Twitter Music, it’s probably worth checking out. I’m into neither so I’ll be moving along.

Photo Credit: Samantha Grierson. ( cc)