Twitter For iOS Updated, See Photos And Vines Directly In Feed

Twitter released update 5.12 for its iOS app today, and with it, come some changes that many users should find handy.

The biggest improvement in the update is that you can now view previews for photos, Vines and other “select content” directly from within your Twitter feed. Instead of simply seeing a link, if someone attaches a picture to their tweet you will now see a fairly sizeable preview image of it, which you can then tap to expand.

Also included in the update are new reply, favorite, and retweet buttons under every tweet that pops up in your feed. Previously users had to tap on a tweet before interacting with it, but now it’s much similar to Facebook in that these interaction buttons are always accessible.

Both of these updates do make tweets take up more space in your feed, so you might find yourself scrolling a bit more than you’re used to. The photo/video preview feature can be turned off, however, if you prefer good ol’ fashioned links.

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