Twitch SDK Announced For iOS, Brings Livestreaming Capabilities To iPhone And iPad

It might not be long until you’ll be able to livestream footage from your favorite iOS games straight to the Internet.

Twitch, the massive video game focused livestreaming site, unveiled a brand new iOS SDK today that is designed to let developers easily implement Twitch streaming directly into their iOS games.

Developers that incorporate the SDK will be able to have users livestream their gameplay with just a simple button tap within the game, with no need to change apps or jump through any sort of hoops.

The SDK will also allow users to access the iOS device’s microphone or front facing camera, in case they want to add commentary or picture-in-picture to their stream.

No firm release date was given, but Twitch said it should become available to developers “soon”.

In the meantime, if you just want to watch other people livestream from a wide variety of consoles and games, you can download the free Twitch mobile app.

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