Tourists Spots In Japan Now Have Camera Stands For iPhones So You Can Snap That Perfect Photo

It’s pretty awkward to ask someone to take a picture of you when you’re touring in another city or country. You just never know when you pass over your iPhone if they’ll accidentally drop it or make a run for it. Japanese tourist spots seem to have solved this problem with camera stands.

The stands were spotted in the city of Fujisawa at popular scenic and tourist areas and are made by Sunpole, which also manufactures flagpoles and other outdoor products for different weather. The stands rotate 360 degrees and are positioned at the perfect height and distance to include everyone in the frame and the scenery around you. There’s also a slot to put your iPhone or other smartphone in as well.

There are obviously a lot of benefits to this kind of thing, especially having everyone in the photo without having to ask a stranger to take the picture for you. It’ll be cool to see if this kind of thing really takes off and pops up in other places around the world.

Image Credit: tokyo camera style

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