Talk Radio Fans Rejoice As iTunes Radio Gets NPR

If you’d rather launch iTunes Radio and be greeted with the sound of insightful debate rather than rock and roll the Devil’s music, you now can.

iTunes Radio has added a National Public Radio (NPR) channel, bringing with it a wide range of different talk radio shows to Apple’s music streaming service.

Like all other iTunes Radio channels, the NPR channel will be accessible 24 hours a day, and will provide a mix of both live news and pre-recorded content, with shows like “All Things Considered” and “The Diane Rehm Show” having been confirmed.

NPR officials say that within weeks, some of the broadcaster’s local stations should begin offering their own channels, with a similar mix of live and taped news.

MacRumors states that NPR has been trying to create a way for listeners to get their own personally tailored listening content, and that iTunes Radio might be able to help accomplish this goal in the future.

iTunes Radio is currently only available in the U.S. and Australia, but it is expected to expand to at least the UK, Canada, and other countries sometime in the coming months.

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