Svbtle Invites The Plebs To Its Service

If standing on the shoulders of giants isn’t quite your thing and instead you prefer to try and stand beside them, you’re going to want to check your email. Svbtle has just sent out a a huge batch of invites to people who were interested in joining the service a while back.

The email from the Svbtle team reads:

You’re invited to join Svbtle. It would be great to have you.

Svbtle is a writing and reading platform that makes blogging easier and more conducive to producing and discovering great content. One of our main goals is to help members become better writers.

As far as I can remember, I didn’t actually sign up on the service to be notified, or invited, when they finally decided to open their doors to the public, but it was well over half a year ago, so who knows at this point. Maybe I did.

That said, I barely have time to write here, let alone on another blogging platform. I can’t help but feel it was a giant opportunity missed for Svbtle all those months ago when there was huge public interest in getting in on the service because all your favorite tech blogger heroes were rocking accounts. Now it’s just another place to write words for people unwilling to pay for it. I already have one of those places of my own.

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