Was Steve Jobs the first Inhumane Humanist?

Just when you thought there wasn’t any more that could be said about the Steve Jobs biography, someone comes along and adds a coherent and intelligent analysis to the debate.

Mike Godwin, writer for Reason.com, has published an article in their print magazine, which also happens to be online, titled Steve Jobs, the Inhumane Humanist.. The article walks the fine line of trying to figure out just who Jobs was based on the evidence found in the biography. His findings? Jobs was inhumane at times, but more often than not he could iterate products from defunct-piece-of-garbage to an impressing, liberating piece of techno-art.

From the Article:

Steve Jobs was perhaps in touch with his fundamental humanity more than most people. It is our tools that make us different, that for better or worse define us, and Jobs’ greatest insight was that a properly designed tool can unleash something new within us. (In early 1981, Jobs was enamored of the notion that personal computers were “bicycles for the mind.”)

It’s a refreshing take on the Jobs documentary, and we highly suggest giving it a read. Godwin does a great job of peeling away the layers of commentary from Walter Issacson’s work and accurately depicts Jobs in the way that most of us have come to understand him, as an Inhumane Humanist.

Read Steve Jobs, Inhumane Humanist on Reason.com

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