Steam Mobile iOS App Gets Updated With New Look And Features

If Steam is one of your gaming platforms of choice, you might enjoy some of the enhancements that Valve just added to its official Steam Mobile iOS app.

The app has updated some elements of its overall look and design, bringing in a slightly more flat iOS 7 inspired aesthetic. (It has, however, kept a number of old elements like the iOS 6 keyboard) It also adds new features such as the ability to message offline players and a better friend invite system.

Here’s the complete list of changes included in version 1.3:

  • New look and feel
  • Offline chat
  • Improved push notifications and icon badging
  • Moved invites to a separate screen
  • Streamlined interface for responding to friend invites
  • Display friend nicknames
  • Added iconography to indicate that friends are on mobile or using Big Picture
  • Include Facebook suggested friends in invites list
  • Improved stability and performance

You can download Steam Mobile for free on the App Store, but be warmed that Christmas is coming up and even the strongest souls will have trouble resisting all of the sales.

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