Skype for Mac Beta drops with Facebook integration, leaves out video?

Skype, Skype, Skype…  We need to have a chat.  Apparently you are under the impression that people want Facebook integration, and you may be right. What you fail to realize though, is that the most important part of said integration is to actually let us use what your service was intended to do.

Why in the world would you give Facebook the power to have in browser video chat, and not take advantage of cross platforming to it from your client?? The sheer fact that this is omitted by itself is mind boggling. Compounding that fact is the non-stop talk of “Facebook integration” we’re seeing in every new build.

We can update Facebook from Facebook — we’re fine with that. Let us Skype from Skype! Even if we want to Skype our Facebook friends.

Anyway… Skype 5.4 for Mac is out. Get it here if you want to check out its amazing Facebook Integration which lets you text chat with your friends and update your status.

Source: SkypeBlog
Via: 9to5Mac
Partial Image Credit: Steffan Loyal (If I could find you, I’d link you my friend) 

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