Since We’re Re-inventing Everything, Here’s A Mouse For Your Finger

Glasses, wristwatches, running shoes, and pretty much everything else under the sun has been ‘disrupted’ the last couple of years. Earlier today we published an article about a hovering computer mouse. Why stop there? Have you seen this snazzy new computer mouse that attaches to your finger?

The Mycestro mouse operates in 3D space and lets users control computing devices by a wave of the finger here and a gesture there. That’s not all it does though; the Mycestro also has built-in touch sensors so you can do stuff like tap to click.

This Bluetooth mouse will set you back a cool $79.00 once the company starts shipping them. Next time you want to play Internet maestro in the confines of your home office, you’ll want to rock this bad boy.

Comfort aside (we have no idea how this feels), this thing could easily save time if you spend most of your day using a mouse to do simple things like move a window or navigate menus instead of using keyboard shortcuts.

Via Oh Gizmo

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