Sense the world on your iPhone with NODE

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your iPhone to display live information about the environment around you? For a $175 pledge on Kickstarter, you can get your very own Bluetooth-enabled sensor.

The Kickstarter page explains how it works with your phone:

A modular device, NODE communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth. Bluetooth requires less energy than Wifi and can send information directly to your Bluetooth enabled device. With new Bluetooth Low Energy, NODE can communicate with iPhone 4S and some Android phones at up to 50 meters with even less energy than conventional Bluetooth. With multiple NODEs networked in your home or office, you can control the different devices by your location.


So, what can it do? Don’t get ahead of yourself. NODE is modular, so it isn’t locked into a feature set.

Again, it is covered well on the Kickstarter page:

[…]we made a handheld sensor device that’s easy to carry, attractive, and modular. NODE comes fitted with three standard sensors, but can run two additional sensor units, or modules, when attached to either end. Since these modules are interchangeable, you can tailor your device to suit whatever situation you run into.


The base device comes with a built-in gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. And from the get go, the manufacturer is offering two modules to use with your NODE: Clima and Luma. Clima senses barometric pressure, wind speed, temperature, and humidity. Luma, however, is a bit different. It is is an attachment with 8 programable LEDs. Pretty neat. After the Kickstarter funding is complete (provided it is fully funded), a new module will be made called Oxa. Now, this attachment senses carbon monoxide (0 – 400 ppm), carbon dioxide (500 ppm to 90%), chlorine (0 – 10 ppm), nitric oxide (0 – 40 ppm), hydrogen (0 – 20 ppm), and sulfur dioxide (0 – 10 ppm).

As of today, NODE has accumulated $27,000 USD of its $50,000 USD goal. It has two and a half weeks left until the Kickstarter funding ends, so make sure you get in on this now. It would be pretty disappointing if they’re caught just short of their goal eighteen days from now.

Source: Kickstarter

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