Samsung Teases New TV Innovation For CES

Samsung has posted a new image on its Korean blog,¬†Samsung Tomorrow, teasing an upcoming announcement to be unveiled at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show. The short line of included text, although in Korean, makes reference to a big innovation in TV technology.

The major thing that can be taken away from the teased image is the transparency of the window. It seems that Samsung may be hinting that its announcement will be focused on transparent LCD technology, a form of technology Samsung has already used in certain products and one that was a big focus in their CES presentation last year. While Samsung has currently only developed the product for companies, such as high-end fridge manufacturers, to use in their devices, this year may see the technology come to consumer TVs. The technology, however, isn’t highly revolutionary as certain other TV manufacturers, such as Haier, have already released transparent TVs for consumers.

The other takeaway is the portrait style orientation of the picture. Does this mean that Samsung’s TV won’t just be transparent but portrait style as well? At this point, the idea of the device being a consumer product greatly diminishes as the market for transparent portrait TVs is likely a small one.

We’ll have to wait until January 8-11 to find out what exactly Samsung’s mystery image means.

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