The Witch Hunt Continues: RIM May Be Involed In Anti-Apple ‘Wake Up’ Campaign

Last week, sure-footed witch hunters were out in full force trying to figure out who was involved in launching the bizarre ‘Wake Up’ campaign in Austrailia. At the time, many pitchfork holders, including us, thought that Samsung had initiated the smug protest, but it turned out that Samsung had nothing to do with it, as reports have since indicated that the company has officially denied any involvedment in the campaign. It doesn’t stop there though; the torches have been lit, and the pitchforks re-sharpened for round two of this debacle. Slashgear, based on evidence found on an Apple Insider comment board, has published an article that points the pitchfork in RIM’s direction this time.

According to the findings by o0godspeed0o, the DoubleClick Ad iFrame embedded in the Wake Up page points to “black822”, with an ID of 2215527. That ID, which is also unique, is used by RIM’s Australian BlackBerry site.

From SlashGear:

The Apple Store demonstration was linked with a “Wake Up Australia” website running a countdown; that countdown expires several days after Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship. However, buried in the source code is a DoubleClick Floodlight Tag ID, 2215527, which a little Googling turns up as also used by RIM’s Australian BlackBerry site.

Boom. Caught red-handed. Alledgedly.

In all honesty, this witch hunt is getting a little long in the tooth, and we’re probably going to retire the topic moving forward. While bizarre and somewhat hilarious at the time, the publicity stunt now just looks pretty desperate, especially if it was RIM that was involved with the ploy, considering just how long it took for RIM to wake up and admit that the iPhone had its number.

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