Retina iPad Mini Might Not Launch Until 2014 Due To Supply Issues

While an overwhelming amount of people purchased and expressed their love for Apple’s iPad mini, some declared they would hold out on buying the smaller tablet until Apple would release a Retina version. If you’re one of those people, you might have to wait a bit longer as a new report claims that a new iPad mini won’t be released until early 2014, due to a shortage of Retina display panels.

The report out of Taiwan states that, originally, Apple had planned to launch the product in fourth quarter 2013, in time for the holiday season, but that supply constraints have forced the company to push this date back. It also states that there might even be both a Retina version as well as am updated non-Retina version of the new mini.

While it’s hard to know when to believe these reports and when not to, one thing we can almost be certain of is that there is in-fact a Retina iPad mini in the works. And it’s gonna be sweet.

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