Quicksilver is now Lion compatible

Quicksilver is back from the dead and is now Lion friendly. Patrick Robertson, Rob McBroom, and Etienne Samson have teamed up to release ß61, a version that is both compatible with Lion and comes with 40 new additions, fixes, and changes. Quicksilver has also added auto-plugins that will update themselves when the application is running, which is pretty awesome.

Other patches include:

  • Quicksilver is now 10.6+ (Snow Leopard and above) only
  • Fixed the Trigger (null) bug where Objects were not saved to the Catalog
  • Closing the command window in the Preferences>Triggers pane no longer causes sporadic behaviour
  • Airport Module rewrite for Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard and above)
  • Current Selection and Finder Selection proxies now works with multiple files
  • Bezel Interface displays on all Spaces
  • Menu Interface fix for Mac OS X Lion
  • Paste as Plain Text Action
  • Added the ability for AppleScripts to use indirect (3rd pane) objects
  • Renamed the ‘Paste with Clipboard’ Action to simply ‘Paste’
  • New Current Document Proxy Object in the UI Access plugin
Thereare a bunch more patches and fixes, so if you want the rest head on over to the Quicksilver website and check it out.
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