Pinterest Makes Pins More Useful With Product Information, Introduces Pin It Button For Mobile Apps

It’s frustrating when you’re on a pinning frenzy and realize that half the pins you’ve pinned don’t actually contain any useful information, which means that picture of the chocolate cake you found will be stuck on your Pinterest page forever. That’s why Pinterest recently announced that it’s introducing “more useful pins” which contain product information so you can bake that cake or even find out where you can buy a certain shirt. Pinterest is also bringing the Pin It button to mobile apps.

Pinterest has worked with a number of popular websites so you can see more information on some pins. Some of the pins you’ll see containing more information include:

  • Product pins so you can see pricing, availability, and where to buy clothes or furniture
  • Recipe pins that contain cook time, ingredients, and servings with a link to the original site
  • Movie pins which contain ratings, cast members and more

Pinterest has partnered with a variety of different sites, like e-commerce sites eBay, Etsy, Modcloth, and Overstock, entertainment sites like Flixster, Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, and recipe sites like 101 Cookbooks, Martha Stewart Living, Better Home and Gardens and a whole lot more.

The new pins are only available with Pinterest’s new look, which started appearing in March. Along with the more useful pins, Pinterest is also making the Pin It button available in mobile apps, so you can pin from anywhere

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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