Introducing The Pebble Steel, A Smart Watch For Adults… Maybe…

It wouldn’t be CES time without some announcements from Pebble. The smart watch company has announced its next-generation watch — the Pebble Steel — and app store today. The company hopes you’ll put away your “stupid watch”, and pick up something that can not only tell the time, but also do thing like display notifications and email. Even should you some text-message goodness.

What’s new this time around? A stainless steel body, with gorilla glass display for starters. There’s also leather and steel arm bands, and a lighter, slimmer profile.

Basically, the company heard your complaints that the Pebble looked like a kids toy originally, and that you wanted to wear these things out on dates and to business meetings. It’s pretty obvious that the Pebble Steel is looking to solve a lot of the aesthetic problems that people had originally with the watch. Personally, I don’t think they’re there yet, but it’s a nice step in the right direction.

CNET’s Tim Stevens has the details you’re looking for if you’re into this sort of thing. We recommend reading his post on the watch. It’s got all the details you’re looking for one the watch, including some nifty real-life photos for you to check out.

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