Parallels Desktop 7 drops, adds support for virtual Lions — Roar!

Parallels dropped the latest version of its desktop software today, bringing the official version to Parallels Desktop 7. Among the impressive list of changes is support for virtualizing OS X Lion.

The release also boasts several performance increases, including a 60 percent faster Windows resume speed and a 40 percent speed increase in 3D polygon rendering, which will have WoW “virtually” running faster than ever.

Users who wish to upgrade will also be able to access their virtual machines from their iOS devices, which will surely become a commonplace workaround for users desiring to view Flash content while on the go. It is reported that the iOS app from Parallels will be getting a price bump to $19.99, so it may be wise to jump on it now while it’s still $4.99.

Parallels has also pushed through development of Windows on Demand into their new desktop product. This addition allows you to purchase and install Windows via Parallels Desktop 7 automagically. Because we know everyone running Windows virtually on their desktop does so with valid license keys.

Parallels Desktop 7 is available immediately as an upgrade to existing Desktop customers, and will be available as a stand alone product to new customers beginning September 6th. The upgrade will set you back $49.99 , or $79.99 if you’ve not already been assimilated. Copies will be available via download on Parallels’ website as well as via retail outlets including Apple Stores and Best Buy.

If you are at all interested in volume licensing Parallels Desktop 7, you are covered there as well. You will simply need to contact the Parallels Sales Team via their website.

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